On a Tight Budget, Is SEO or AdWords More Important?

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On a Tight Budget, Is SEO or AdWords More Important? - Ekzact Solutions - Digital marketing Calgary

Running a small business can be loaded with tough decisions regarding how to allocate limited funds, resources, and time. However, just because you’re not the same size as a big company doesn’t mean you can’t think as strategically as one when it comes to digital marketing!

The Big Question

SEO and AdWords are considered to be two of the most integral components of any digital marketing strategy, but which one has a more significant bearing over the success of your approach? The implications of this question aren’t nearly as straightforward as one might think. These tools serve radically different purposes and involve technical processes and ways of thinking that are quite distinct from one another. Therefore, in order to understand how to prioritize between them when money is tight, thinking of one as a replacement for the other is something to avoid at all costs.

A Matter of Value

Which one carries a better value? First of all, SEO is best understood as a gradual investment of time, while AdWords is best understood as an upfront investment of funds. Meanwhile, the amount of time you invest in your SEO efforts will not be the only factor that determines its success, and the amount of money you invest in a given PPC campaign will not necessarily guarantee you a steady surge in conversions. The truth is that at the end of the day, the most important factor determining how much value can be gotten from either of these tools is who is using them and how.

Professional Holistic Strategy

When you’re on a tight budget but want to see real growth, prioritizing one tool over the other can be a very harmful marketing decision to make. When not conducted properly, creating content to maximize visibility can burn up a lot of precious time without seeing any new traffic. Likewise, putting money into an improperly designed set of PPC campaigns will empty your pockets without getting any of those leads you were hoping to target. So what’s the best way to prioritize? Team up with marketing experts who can build an integrated strategy using both these tools, one that is conducted skillfully enough to be worth what you put into it!

When it comes to digital marketing, the team at eKzact know better than anyone that a holistic approach will bring you the most success. Whether you’re just starting out or you want to give you long-running business a boost in visibility, give us a call at (403) 770-3023 today!

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