Internet & Marketing Consulting Services

David A. West first leapt into web marketing, consulting and website design nearly twenty-five years ago. With the internet just beginning to creep into homes back in 1994, he decided to learn to program. Soon afterward, he began developing websites as a freelancer for businesses all over Calgary. A nerd at heart, David prides himself on always being on the cutting edge of technology. Whether it’s exploring the newest analytic tools created by Google or checking out the shiniest tech, David enjoys living in an age where each year brings new leaps and bounds to the tools we use to navigate our world.

From Keynote to Break-Out

Adaptable and comfortable in the spotlight, David has always gravitated towards leadership positions that had others relying on him for his quick insight and steady guidance. From Vancouver to Toronto and China to Calgary, David’s vast global experience has brought him numerous stories that keep audiences entertained as they learn about the ways they can market their business and themselves. David brings his vast knowledge of the internet to a carefully crafted, humorous presentation that’s sure to please anyone interested in better reaching and engaging with their audience.

Many internet gurus who claim to be professional speakers list off basic information that anyone could find with a quick Google search, David is a CAPS recognized speaker who is well respected both in his field as a marketer and a web designer.

Bring David A. West’s unique perspective to your keynote or break-out event, and your audience is sure to be intrigued and itching to try some of his strategies themselves!

A Second Generation Marketer

From graduation, Josh West was destined to help with the family business. eKzact Solutions was a growing marketing agency, and David knew that he’d need help to keep up with the demand of new and existing clients alike. With increasing demand, a dedicated marketing agency was created, CAYK Marketing Inc., focusing on the use of data and analytics to prove outcome. David recognized a lot of himself in Josh’s easy charisma, quick technological savviness, and ambition, and Josh never disappointed. For nearly a decade, Josh has slowly mastered every skill David challenged him to learn, and he’s proud to be his father’s equal in both supporting current clients and finding the right solution for new leads seeking help with their marketing strategy. For a fresh and balanced perspective on how upcoming consumers will interact with modern marketing practices, there’s no one better to ask than Josh and David.

Develop Your Social Strategy

There are many social strategies for engaging with your customers. Social platforms like Facebook and Twitter are just the beginning. At eKzact Solutions, we help you to craft a strong social strategy that includes creating great, useful content for your clients, showing off the human side of your company, being available to answer your customer’s questions, and responding to their reviews and concerns. If you need a team to help review and validate your social plan, you’ve come to the right place.

Help Your Website Generates Leads

It may seem like pouring thousands of dollars into a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign or search engine optimization strategy ought to be enough. But, while both of those strategies are great ways to get potential customers to your website, they won’t magically convert visitors to leads — that’s your website’s job.

Our team of experts has worked with hundred of clients on several hundreds of websites. Each of our team members brings a unique perspective and numerous skills to the table. We know multiple programming languages, have been become Adwords Certified and deemed Google Partners, and we’ve graduated from top universities. Today’s analytics and tools allow business owners to know just how many people are visiting online each day. If your website has lots of visitors but not leads, contact our team — we’ll be able to both show you where your website development or content is failing and set you moving in the right direction.

Advisors for Just About Anything

Anyone who runs a business knows that it takes a lot of dedicated, smart people to keep everything functioning smoothly. You work with an accountant, a lawyer, and maybe even a business coach to keep your business running well and progressing steadily towards your goals. Working with the eKzact team brings a one-stop-shop full of great experts to your table. From internet consultant to in-house designers and professional writers, we have everyone you need to make your marketing strategy a success.

Don’t Wait!

Our friendly team is always happy to talk with potential customers about consulting or other services. If you need expert advice, why not chat with us live or call us today at 403-456-0072. Alternatively, send us a note using the form. We’ll get back to you quick!