Paid Advertising & Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

At eKzact Solutions, we like to think of search engine optimization as the tortoise. A slow and steady way of climbing through search rankings and getting more visitors on your website…eventually. But we have met very few businesses who can wait for eventually. They need a way of getting more business now. Paid advertising or pay-per-click (PCC) is the way to do it.

We know what you’re thinking, But I don’t click on ads. Nobody clicks on ads! While everyone seems to have convoluted explanations for how they get around clicking ads, Google remains one of the wealthiest companies in the entire world, and the great majority of its annual revenue comes from Paid Advertising. What people mean when they say they don’t click ads is they don’t click irrelevant ads, and why would they? Paid advertising is the craft of creating highly relevant ads and putting them in front of the right audience. Our team is a certified Google Partner, and we’re here to do just that.

Google Search Network Advertising

Google made its name through sophisticated algorithms that brought searchers exactly what they were looking for. Google Adwords uses the same brilliant system as their organic search. This is great news for both advertisers agencies and searchers. Searchers still benefit from superior, relevant results, and advertisers can find their customers in their moment of need. A quick Google search brings a highly relevant ad which leads to a landing page packed great information. Perfection at its best.

Google Display Network (GDN)

One of the great powers of advertising on social media is the ability to target specific demographics and potential customers based solely off of their interests and the information that they’ve volunteered while writing their profile and liking interest pages. Google Display Network (GDN) provides a similar sort of power to advertisers along with the ability to create beautifully designed ads with images, well-written text, animation, or even videos.

The GDN is created from a network of millions of websites, and display ads can be shown on any of these sites. What makes the GDN such a fantastic tool is that your ads are only shown on websites with a similar, relevant context to yours. This means if you sell Extreme Fishing Adventures, your display ads could be shown to potential customers looking at blogs for camping gear, top 5 campfire recipes, articles about when or how to renew their fishing license or forums about which boats are best for lakes vs rivers. Basically, the campaign’s keywords, ad text, ad ranking, and other targeting information are used to ensure your ads are only shown to people who will relate to your product or service. You’d never find an Extreme Fishing Adventure display ad on websites writing about the best manicures for your best friend’s wedding, and that’s important. Ads which are contextually relevant simply perform better.


Have you ever found that a product or website seems to follow you around the internet? You take a look at a few vacuums on Amazon over the weekend, and suddenly advertisements for the exact vacuum you’re thinking of buying seem to stalk you for days or weeks. That’s remarketing.

Remarketing campaigns are a special type of display advertisement that is especially powerful for its ability to keep reminding a potential customer about your product or service. With your holistic SEO plan, your engaging social posts, and your relevant AdWords campaign, you’ve worked hard to attract potential customers to your website. We want to make sure they keep coming back. As visitors come to your site, they’re added to a remarketing list which changes when they see your display ads. Basically, the people on this list won’t need to be on a related website to see your display ads, instead your ads will follow them everywhere they go online.

Social Advertising

We’ve already talked a little about the way a comprehensive social strategy allows you to target certain demographics and users with specific past behaviors, interests, or likes. This makes social advertising a particularly powerful tool since you can automatically display your ads only to the people who are statistically the most likely to be interested in your product or service. While social advertising is just one part of an integrated social management plan, it’s an important part. Getting your display ads in front of a curated demographic of social network users is a great way to get your brand to the right people and create new potential customers.

InStream Video Advertising

We don’t even need to ask if you’ve ever watched a video on YouTube because the answer is that obvious. YouTube (owned by Google) is the second most used search engine in the entire world, and like its parent company, it makes the vast majority of its revenue from advertising. One of the peskiest ads on YouTube are the pre-roll videos that make you watch at least 5 seconds of the advertisement before allowing you to view the video you actually clicked on. Those pre-roll videos are advertisements called InStream video. Like social advertising, these videos are only played to relevant potential customers based on the viewer’s past search history and demographic. While the context of the viewer’s search is less important, well produced and engaging InStream videos continue to be a very effective tool.

Our team of advertising professionals has experience with all of these different types of paid ads, because we know that the right paid advertisement strategy for one business, won’t be the best option for another. If you need to start getting more leads soon, pay-per-click advertising is the fastest way to reliably increase relevant visitors to your website. Contact our experts today by phone, chat, or in our contact form to learn more about online advertising or to ask any questions.