Blogs & Content Strategies

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but when it comes to your marketing website, we suggest using the words. We’re not saying that great design and context-appropriate photos aren’t an important part of your marketing website, but written content should be bread and butter of your online marketing strategy. Here’s why.

Social Media includes numerous platforms that many Canadians and Americans use every single day. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and more are where your potential customers spend their time connecting with friends, sharing interests, and keeping up with the world. High-interest Facebook pages about science or with easy DIY projects can gather millions of likes and engage hundreds of thousands of people every day. Photos from friends’ weddings or the first day of school for a niece can also rack up a high numbers of likes. This tells us that people using social platforms are happy to engage and learn about new things that interest them and that they want to be apart of the lives and stories other people are sharing. What does this mean for your business?

First, that you shouldn’t treat social media as an opportunity to shameless spam your audience. Instead, you need to be sharing high quality content that is informative and engaging. Don’t just repeatedly tell those following your account how you’re the best and you’re the most affordable, provide them with something they can actually engage with. Run a dental clinic? Explain the science behind how invisalign is made and works. Own a residential cleaning company? Provide advice on making your own all-purpose sanitizing spray. Part of a plumbing team? Give DIY tips for cleaning aerators or unplugging the toilet.

People of all ages love to learn life hacks and trivial knowledge; they enjoy trying new projects and fixing things themselves. By sharing posts that the average user will actually find interesting and useful, you build your reputation as an authority in your industry. When someone has a question, they’ll come to you, and that’s a perfect opportunity to sell.

Second, the human side of your business matters. People enjoy sharing in the victories and celebrations of others. If your business is celebrating an employee’s new child or a 50th birthday, share that with your customers. If your business is throwing a holiday party or having a theme day at work, invite your audience to join in on the fun with photos and goofy stories. People prefer to do business with other people. By humanizing your business and staff to your customers, they’re more likely to appreciate your work and forgive your mistakes.

Search Engine Optimization, otherwise known as SEO, is the art and science of teaching search engines your business has the best answer to whatever a particular searcher is looking for. What this means is an effective SEO campaign should go beyond having your business simply perform well in search when someone is looking for your exact service or product. If searchers have a question remotely related to your services, you want to be the authority that Google sends them to for answers. In order to accomplish this, you’ll need to have hundreds of articles on anything and everything a customer could be asking about in your industry. You can’t be the authority on a topic you haven’t written about.

Well Written, Well Researched Blogs are the obvious answer to how you continuously generate great content to engage your social audience while simultaneously creating a library of useful articles on every imaginable topic for your industry. At eKzact Solutions, we assign you a professional writer who creates 1-6 unique articles as well as social updates for your business each month. We work with you to generate topics that cover the questions your customers have and to provide all the information any potential client might need. On the human side of content creation, your blog is a powerful tool for keeping your customers up-to-date with your business and industry. Share exciting news and breakthroughs. Celebrate new services or products, and broadcast your achievements. On the engagement and informative side of content creation, your blog gives you a periodic platform for proving yourself an authority in your industry. Harness the power of your blog to create engaging content that has readers checking in for the newest and best information.

Great design and beautiful images are an important part of your Marketing Website, but it’s the content on and off your site that is going to draw visitors in and ultimately decide whether they decide to buy from you, request more information, or continue their search elsewhere. Whether you’re struggling to get people onto your website to begin with or have lots of visitors but no leads, content must be a key part of your online marketing strategy moving forward. The professionals at eKzact Solutions can help.