Incorporating the Holidays Into Your Social Strategy

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Incorporating the Holidays Into Your Social Strategy - Ekzact Solutions - Online Marketing Experts Calgary

The internet is a pretty noisy place. Even within your own local community, there are thousands of people who may encounter your social presence. To stand out, you have to be more than a brand, and connecting with your audience through holidays is a great way to accomplish this.

Sharing From the Heart

One subject we discuss frequently here at eKzact is the importance of a personal connection between company and community. While this can mean different things depending on what aspect of marketing you’re looking at, we believe that when it comes to social media, it’s all about sharing from the heart. Many of your social posts should function on a technical level to empower your inbound marketing efforts and boost your search engine rankings. Other posts meanwhile, should come from the very heart of your business, designed specifically to show your audience who you are and how much your community means to you.

Fall Season Marketing

To complement this emphasis on sharing from the heart, it’s essential to understand just how powerful the holidays are. When you integrate them into your strategy, you’re tapping into a deep and bountiful well of increased seasonal online traffic. The benefits of this are therefore twofold: You get to maintain a fun, human, personalized dimension to your company’s presence on social media while also catching the attention of users who are preparing for the given holiday. Thanksgiving, Halloween, Remembrance Day, and Christmas all offer a lot of potential, and you don’t want to miss it by letting your brand fall out of touch.  

Getting Creative

A particularly important tool you have is the personality of your business. You, your staff, your branding, and your voice all come together to form a unique entity, and you should infuse it with the holiday spirit. Carrying out seasonal promotions and making special holiday offers are both great, but you should also show your audience who you actually are. Post fun holiday photos with your staff or happy clients and get involved with the many local events that take place during fall. You’ll find that it establishes your company as fully formed, engaged on a human level, and ready to offer its heart to the community around it!

The best marketing plans strike a balance between practical, skillful strategy and genuine human connection. Incorporating the holidays is only one of many ways you can strike this balance, so if you want to go further, eKzact is here to help. Call us at (403) 770-3023 today!

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