How Does MA/CRO Fit into Your Inbound Strategy?

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How Does MA/CRO Fit into Your Inbound Strategy? - Ekzact Solutions - Digital Marketing Calgary

The combination of marketing automation and conversion rate optimization is a powerful force when utilized properly. However, it’s not a substitute for inbound marketing as much as a companion to it. So how exactly does it factor into the way you develop an inbound approach?

Understanding MA/CRO

First of all, what exactly is MA/CRO? The best way to understand it is to look at its constituent parts, marketing automation and conversion rate optimization. Marketing automation is a way to gain a more detailed picture of who your leads and clients are and to engage with them consistently through automated marketing actions. This facilitates maximum relevance to their individual needs. However, even with this, a further nudge in the right direction is needed to make those precious conversions happen. Conversion rate optimization helps to ensure that your landing pages can pull their weight in conjunction with all of that automated engagement.

Within Your Inbound Strategy

Even with the power of MA/CRO, it’s key to bear in mind the challenge of drawing those leads to your brand in the first place. One useful way to appreciate this dynamic is by considering the purchase funnel. This principle outlines the theoretical journey that your potential clients take from discovering your brand to becoming loyal customers. The truth is that not all of your client base is at the same place in this funnel at the same time. You shouldn’t only be focusing on those who you’re engaging with through marketing automation, but also those who need to be drawn towards you through inbound techniques such as strong content, SEO, and more.

A Comprehensive Effort

As is often the case in digital marketing, success lies in taking the right strategies and combining them in the right ways. In this day and age, you’ll never achieve real growth if you keep yourself in the dark about who your leads are and what they want. Engaging with them through automation is the best way to stay truly efficient in your efforts. Meanwhile, you can’t maintain the attention and esteem of your community if you’re unable to capture it in the first place, and you won’t turn those leads into paying customers without optimizing the probability of conversion on your site. When individual tools empower one another, they empower you!

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