Search Engine Optimization

If paid advertising (PPC) is the hare that’s constantly racing for the finish line to get you more leads right now, Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the tortoise. It’s the slow, steady, reliable building of links back to your website. SEO is the art and science of teaching Google that your website is important and relevant to the searchers looking for information about your services or products. However, a holistic SEO strategy needs to include more than just link building. Social management, content creation, and more are all necessary components of presenting your website favorably to Google. With patience and tenacity, Google will slowly reward your efforts with higher placements in search rankings and thus you’ll enjoy more visitors and potential leads on your website.

  • eKzact Solutions has been providing SEO services for Canadian businesses for over 15 years. Which is exactly why you won’t find any grand promises here. We understand that SEO requires a careful plan and lots of time. Anyone offering unbelievable guarantees that seem too good to be true are doing just that — trying to cash in on promises they can’t keep. That said, eKzact Solutions has a great track record for helping businesses in a variety of industries to improve their search rankings and enjoy more leads. We’re not going to guarantee you’ll be on first page google in two weeks, but here is a list of things you can expect when you work with the eKzact team.
  • As our SEO services move you up through the Google rankings, you will see an increase in visitors to your website.
  • Our professional writers will craft relevant, high-conversion landing pages.
  • This will help you see an increase in the number of visitors becoming leads and potential clients.
  • We’ll work with you to choose 6-12 highly relevant keyword phrases for your site. Our efforts will go towards helping your site perform well in search for most of these phrases.
  • We believe in transparency and collaboration. Monthly and quarterly planning sessions will provide you ample opportunity to bring your ideas and opinions to the table, so your SEO can move in the direction you envision.
  • We won’t exaggerate potential results, and we employ only Google’s best practices at all times — such as creating interesting, meaningful, new content each month. Many “black hat” SEO providers can get you big results fast, but
  • Google always catches on, and they can blacklist your website for years.
  • No long term contracts. We want you to stay with our team because we’re the best, not because you have to.
  • A dedicated account representative to whom you can bring your concerns and questions at any time.
  • A team that’s always available to you. We have real people in an actual office in Calgary available to talk to you during office hours. You get to speak to a real eKzact team member — not someone living in another country.

Small Budget SEO?

Many business owners receive spam emails every week (if not daily!) advertising $99 a month SEO. When we first started doing SEO 15 years ago, that would have been a reasonable price for the service, but it’s not 2002 anymore, and the internet is a whole new beast. Over the years, Google has created a much more sophisticated algorithm and employed AI to create a more even playing field. Simply paying for link building across the internet doesn’t cut it anymore. Google’s new algorithm takes into consideration your social strategy, how much new content you’re creating each month, your location, and much, much more. It’s simply not possible to create and provide a comprehensive SEO plan that will help your website in the long term that costs so little.

Fortunately, there are other options for business owners on a small budget. Self-managing an AdWords campaign is a great way to use your $99 a month to bring new traffic to your website. And our team is happy to give small businesses a push in the right direction. If you need help setting up your Adwords campaign and some one-on-one advice for creating relevant ads, we recommend booking a few hours of consulting with our experts. With just a few sessions, you’ll have the knowledge to run your AdWords campaign confidently, so you’ll be able to put your $99 to good use.

Whether you have the budget for personalized SEO or just need some help getting started with your AdWords campaign, eKzact Solutions is here to help. Chat with us now, fill out the form, or call us at 403-456-0072. Our advisors are waiting to hear from you!