Three New Services We’re Excited About!

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Three New Services We’re Excited About! - Ekzact Solutions - Digital Marketing Calgary

With all the excitement from the new year over the past couple months, you’ve probably noticed that we’re pretty jazzed up about the new direction that eKzact has taken as a company. However, knowing we’re excited won’t be much use to you unless we outline exactly what’s new. Here’s what to expect!

Inbound Marketing

One of the greatest gifts that the digital age has given us is the ability to build a truly two-way dynamic of engagement between leads and businesses. These days, you have to facilitate discovery of your brand by giving your community good reasons to come to you. Experts around the world are building on this philosophy in new and exciting ways every day, and the eKzact team is no exception. Instead of simply helping out with the basics, we’re here to help you cover all of your inbound bases. With our help, you can sharpen your SEO, produce video content, write enticing articles, perfect your brand image, and more!

Marketing Automation

How much do you know about your leads? If there’s anything that modern marketing has taught us, it’s that you simply can’t afford to view your audience as a single mass of people who all have the same needs and intentions when visiting your site. We now have the ability to understand the behaviours of leads on an individual basis, gathering enough information to provide them with a highly relevant experience. With the right automated emails, landing pages, and other important tools, you’ll finally be able to give your visitors everything they need to become clients, and your clients everything they need to stay loyal.


A generalized site for your business is indispensable. However, it isn’t quite enough when you want to direct the focus of your audience in a more specific way. This is where microsites really shine. Essentially, these are one-page websites that are heavily keyword-optimized and carefully distilled to convey the essence of a particular product, service, or concept. When done properly, they draw more search traffic to whatever you want your leads to learn more about, and their simplicity focuses the attention of a visitor without overwhelming them and losing their interest. This is yet another way we plan to help your business thrive from here on out!

These three services only skim the surface of the new and improved eKzact experience. As a full-fledged, one-stop shop for digital marketing, you can count on us to be at the cutting edge of today’s practices and be there for you whenever you need us. Call (403) 770-3023 to get in touch!

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