The Key Characteristics of a Great Website for Your Business

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The Key Characteristics of a Great Website for Your Business - Ekzact Solutions - Calgary Web Design

For a website to really come together and represent a business in the best way possible, it needs to have all the necessary ingredients in all the right places. So what exactly does this require? We’ll walk you through the essentials so that you can take note of what you’re missing.

Intuitive and Easy to Read

Most people navigate websites as part of their everyday lives, using the internet very frequently and fluently. This means that the fundamental standards for intuitive design and navigation are embedded in expectations. It’s therefore always important to understand ideal font sizing, line width, page length, and other principles. Your menu system should be easily understood by the user, straightforward enough that they can find what they need efficiently and thorough enough that all major sections of your site are represented. Balance and precision are the magic words!

Excellent Content

Your content is one of the most important factors in producing a site that is valuable for visitors, not to mention keeping your on-page SEO truly effective. A central section of your website that will contain much of your content is your blog. However, your site as a whole should contain useful information that is well-articulated and supported with a variety of helpful, relevant graphics. The blog itself should be updated frequently, with a fun, engaging sense of informativeness and utility. Resist the temptation to load your content with individual words that may contribute to robotic language. Google is a bit more complex than that these days! Instead, be smart about integrating full ideas and long-tail keywords.

Contact Info

While much of the work you do on your site will contribute to your branding and SEO, never forget that it is also a major component of your strategy to keep conversions reliable and consistent. You’d be surprised how easy it is to loose someone during the time it takes them to figure out how they can reach you. Different visitors will prefer different methods, so keep all of your bases covered. Phone number, address, and email should be on all pages, situated in a header, footer, or both. It’s hard to convert without making contact, and contact isn’t made without clearly displayed contact information!

Your website will determine the success of many aspects of your marketing plan. Now that you have a handle on the basics, it’s time to go in-depth and make it happen! Give eKzact a call at (403) 770-3023 to get started today!

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