I Never, Ever Click On Ads…

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Are you consistently annoyed with the pop-up ads preoccupying your sidebar? Do you actually ever click on any of these ads? If you’re like me, you probably avoid these click-on ads at all costs. However, clearly someone clicks on them or they wouldn’t be put to such widespread use.

Let’s establish that, while nobody will ever admit to clicking on ads, it is the one and only reason that Google owns the Internet. But why does advertising online work and how can it help a small business succeed?

At eKzact, we recognize the importance of impactful online advertising. While many people find click-on ads to be a distraction, they certainly help you create brand recognition. If your company hasn’t yet fully embraced the digital marketing space, here are a few great reasons for jumping on the bandwagon:

Drives Sales and Boosts ROI

Understanding the direct correlation between online advertising and offline customer purchases can be difficult. However, Nielsen studies conducted over the course of the past seven years suggest that companies can obtain an ROI of nearly three dollars in incremental sales for every dollar spent in online advertising.

Improves Effectiveness of Non-Digital Media

While digital advertising makes your conversion rate more efficient on its own, it can also improve the effectiveness of your non-digital marketing media. In fact, studies have shown that digital advertising has a significant positive impact on a number of other mediums, improving ROI for radio by 4%, outdoor ads by 51%, and television by 70%.

Makes Impacts Across the Entire Customer Experience

When selling any targeted product or service, there are many different “points of engagement” that can affect consumer perceptions and, hopefully, drive purchase decisions. When it comes to driving premium customer perception, digital advertising is second only to live experiences.

Furthermore, digital media channels play a huge role in a consumer’s “path-to-purchase.” Using more traditional media can limit your ability to influence prospects across the entire “consumer decision journey,” but digital media can help you affect consumer decisions throughout the entirety of their experience with your brand.

Increases Word of Mouth Recommendations

According to the Nielsen studies, 92% of consumers will identify more strongly with recommendations from friends or family than they will with other forms of advertising. There is also no doubt that digital advertising greatly stimulates this “word-of-mouth” advertising.

In a quantitative study completed by ShareThis, they found that word of mouth recommendations have a significantly larger impact on consumer’s purchase decisions than any other form of advertising. In fact, 57% of consumer decisions are made based on reliable personal recommendations.

The Digital Drive

Digital advertising is rapidly changing how businesses of all sizes connect with their customer and client bases. Online sharing can work wonders for your company once you’ve set the wheels in motion. If your company has been neglecting the digital advertising arena to this point, it’s time to dive in! Give the team at eKzact a call at 403-770-3023 to discuss your unique advertising needs today!

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