Is Social Networking Replacing Real Networking?

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Is Social Networking Replacing Real Networking? - Ekzact Solutions - Social Networking Experts

Many commentators remark on how radically the nature of marketing has changed and continues to change. Some may even say that social networking in particular means the extinction of traditional networking altogether. Could this be true? A closer look should clear things up.

What’s the Difference?

The fundamental question is simple: how did I first come into contact with this person? When we think “social networking,” we think of the digital tools that are here to help us build, organize and maintain an online community around our business. The term “real networking,” meanwhile, is being used to talk about more traditional ways of establishing relationships with clients, vendors, employees, or other people who are integral to what we do. Organizing meetups, attending conferences or presentations, making cold calls, or simply introducing yourself to a new contact are common examples.

How Do They Affect One Another?

Some are quick to assume that social networking is having a negative effect on the relevance of real networking. The relationship is a bit more complicated than that. It many cases, social networking has streamlined and diversified real networking rather than stamped it out. For instance, is one of the most successful sites for organizing in-person meetups for people who have interests and practices in common but may not know one another. Experts will also often tell you that the most successful LinkedIn users make in-person contact a top priority when possible.

An Integrated Strategy

It’s key to be aware of these dynamics because the success of your networking strategies will depend on what works best for your context. You may find that a mix leaning toward online methods has provided the best results because of how widely distributed your community is geographically. On the other hand, it’s different when operating a business through a more local community in your own city or province. In this case, in-person contact made more efficient or sophisticated by social media is a powerful strategy. People will always feel compelled to meet in person and have discussions that don’t quite work over the internet. At the end of the day, shaking the hand of someone in your extended network has no complete substitute.

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