FaceBook – New Home Page Rolled Out, Have You Voted?

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[Video Transcript]

On March 11th FaceBook rolled out the new home page update to users around the world. In general the community is squawking that they don’t like the new home page feed. It is very much like a live Twitter feed where users updates are streamed out to everyone on their friends list. Facebook has confirmed that it’s design is intended to make it faster and easier to create multimedia updates and receive instantaneous feed items from your network.

The advent of real time streaming updates to your Facebook homepage will of course bring out the e-marketers in droves. It really is an online social media marketers dream.

With the recent banter of Facebooks attempt to buy Twitter, it doesn’t surprise me that Facebook has started morphing it’s home page to function a lot like Twitter.

The online poll https://apps.facebook.com/layoutvote indicate that an overwhelming number of FaceBookers do not like the change.

When I checked – 1.2 million people don’t like it while 81,000 gave it thumbs up.

You can cast your vote at https://apps.facebook.com/layoutvote

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