A Calgary Web Design Team Can Bring You the Benefits of Going Mobile

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Renowned media research firm GigaOM held a live webinar on October 15 to discuss the importance of cross-platforming websites. The company tackled this issue because many business still have not taken advantage of the fact that a lot of people now access the Internet via smartphones:

Despite the obvious importance of mobile, most websites continue to provide a subpar mobile browsing experience. Few websites truly embrace mobility, offering scaled-down versions of desktop websites or pushing users toward native applications that require a separate download. Many well-intentioned mobilization strategies aimed at solving the problem become bogged down in the minutiae of designing for multiple platforms.

In theory, responsive web design should allow businesses to create and manage one codebase to deliver consistent branding and functionality across all platforms. The reality is far more complicated and less rewarding. Monolithic application design, a reliance on client-side scripting, and the task of managing multiple templates can increase complexity and cost. A heavy dependence on mobile networks and server-side databases can diminish performance relative to native applications.

Creating a website that can accessed via a computer and a mobile phone at the same time can be a bit tricky, which is why only a few web designers can step up to the task. One such firm is eKzact Solutions Inc., a company that offers high-quality mobile web design in Calgary, Alberta using the sophisticated WordPress blogging software. Aside from being able to create a website that’s optimized for a variety of Internet browsers and devices, the software is highly customizable to the point that tech-savvy individuals can create their own themes and templates simply by modifying a few files. Moreover, WordPress is an easy-to-use and free software.

Despite the availability of such resources, many companies still aren’t convinced of the positive impact of a well-designed website on their business. Oftentimes, these groups are also clueless as to how the Internet really works—which is why GigaOM planned their October 15 webinar in the first place. Many entrepreneurs fail to realize that people nowadays prefer to go online when purchasing products and services and the only way to cater to them is through the Internet. A Calgary website design company will prove particularly useful in encouraging the city’s small companies, which comprise 95 percent of the local business community, to finally go online.

(Excerpt from Extending responsive web design for cross-platform mobile development, GigaOM.com, October 3, 2013)

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