We offer several pre-designed packages to address your video production needs. These packages are based on our experience in producing video for our clients, and they address the most common requirements we encounter. However, if these pre-designed packages don’t precisely fit your needs, we invite you to modify any of them using the Director’s Cut option.

In Studio Talking Head Video (set of three videos)

These videos are of you or your designate reading from a prepared script. The videos are shot in our studio and then edited together with your branding. One studio visit will result in a set of three videos. This is an excellent way to introduce key members of your team or to introduce a unique product, service, or process. If your goal is to be viewed as an expert in your industry, a series of ongoing educational videos will help you to achieve this. This set of short videos could also include client testimonials!

The Explainer Video

These custom white board drawing videos are the ideal solution for explaining a complicated process or product. Custom drawn elements transition on and off the screen with appropriate words that are complemented by voiceover. Together these elements make complex ideas come to life. The video, having a maximum run time of 45 seconds to 1 minute, may also include additional media you provide such as logos or product images.

The Quick Shot

The perfect solution for a quick introduction piece or a customer testimonial, the Quick Shot produces a short promotional video in High Definition featuring a message from you or your customer. It is shot on-location at your premises (or customer premises), with additional scenes (B-Roll) featuring your product or service and supporting the promotional or testimonial message. The video, having a maximum run time of 45 seconds, may also include additional media you provide such as logos or product images.

The Quick Shot is un-scripted so you (or your customer) can convey the message in your own words. It is shot with a single camera and usually requires approximately 2 hours of shooting time, with an additional full day of video and audio editing. We also include a royalty free soundtrack. You then have the opportunity to make a set of adjustments to the video prior to approving it for release.

Once you approve the video, we deliver it to you in the latest High Definition format. In addition, we will host it online for you, and provide you with the links necessary to embed it into your website; this allows your video to be streamed to networked devices including smartphones and tablets.

The Long Shot

For a more in-depth telling of your story, the Long Shot results in a longer one and a half minute High Definition video that conveys a more complete message to your customers. This additional time allows you to provide more details about your products or services and the unique benefits your customer receives. More intensive than the Quick Shot, the higher production values of the Long Shot add greater impact to your message.

For the Long Shot, we work with you to develop a formal script having a strong storyline. We then use the script to plan and schedule the shoot which may involve 2 cameras over a 4 hour period. Additional lighting and cinematic camera motion enhance the production. The post production schedule allows for 2 days of editing where you can make 2 sets of adjustments prior to the final cut.

Again, upon your approval, we deliver the video to you in the latest High Definition format and host it online – giving your customers convenient and easy access to your story.

The Full Scene

Engage your customers with a full-on production that tells your story visually. With a longer running time of up to 4 minutes, a Full Scene video exploits cinematic techniques that truly showcase your business and evoke a strong positive response from prospective customers. The more in-depth your customers’ understanding of the benefits of your products or services is the more likely they are to do business with you.

Because of the longer running time, you might want to use the Full Scene to produce an educational or training video for employees or simply to allow your intended audience to fully grasp your message.

Having more time and latitude, we work with you to create a carefully crafted script and storyboard that tells your story with maximum impact. It may involve multiple individuals, multiple locations – it may even involve special effects such as green screen compositing. Using 2 or more Digital Cinema Cameras, we capture the story over a whole day of shooting (perhaps spread over several days) that might include dolly, jib, and crane shots to enhance the video’s visual impact. A custom sound track provides additional punch.

With a full week scheduled for post-production, we work with you to make sure that the video meets your original objectives and is of the highest quality.

Again, as with our previous products, we deliver the video in the latest High Definition format and provide convenient online access.

Through all of production, we remain focused on your objectives for the video to ensure you receive maximum value. After all, it’s your story and your video.

The Director’s Cut

Although this is the ultimate custom package designed to meet your specific needs, it often costs no more than one of our other packages. It is carefully planned and estimated, so you know the full costs before production begins.

The Director’s Cut is our way of saying that you can have it your way. With no preset constraints or ideas, you are free to tell your story as you would want to have it told. It may involve actors and special effects – or it may not. It may take more time and effort – or it may not. Taking an innovative approach to production of the video, you may be surprised at what can be done within a reasonable budget. In fact, the Director’s Cut may be a slightly modified version of one of our Packages above – or it may not.

We work with you at no obligation to gain a clear understanding of your wants and needs; then we produce a price quote for the production. During pre-production, the quote is refined (upward or downward) based on your requirements as you define them – you remain in control throughout the entire process.

Let’s face it: producing a video is an investment in your business. With maximum flexibility, the Director’s Cut is the ultimate way to tell your story with the greatest impact while extracting maximum value from your investment.