Lead Writer

While explaining the benefits of the oxford comma or debating the placement of an adverbial phrase can generally evoke frightful memories of five paragraph essays, language-geeks like Emilie are exactly the people you want working on your website’s content.

Emilie is a born-Albertan gone Québecois who is currently studying creative writing and the French language in Montréal. Despite her studies, she’s been working with David and the marketing experts at CAYK on and off for the past five years.

She’s worked with student writers in Calgary high schools and has competed nationally in Canada’s spoken word poetry competition as part of Calgary’s team. Emilie is hoping to earn her degree within the next couple years, but has already completed with distinction an Advanced Grammar certificate from the New Zealand Writing College.

An avid reader and science enthusiast, Emilie brings a conversational layman tone to complicated topics.

If you don’t know your comma splice from your fragment sentence, Emilie can help you get all your commas and semicolons in order. She’s kept busy writing and reviewing content for clients and helps to produce many of the monthly blogs.