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eKzact’s Calgary Internet Marketing Consultants have put hundreds of clients online over the past decade. We are well positioned to work with clients to find the right solution to meet their needs and to work through the deployment of the solution.

There was a time when having a website was thought to be an option by many business owners. In fact, still today, some successful business owners have decided that they do not need a website or web-based applications because their business is already successful. The question that is going unanswered in these cases is:

What opportunities are being missed because you don’t have a website?

How nice would it be to manage your business process from your cruise to Alaska? Business process applications that are web-based can help you manage your business from anywhere in the world. They can also help you to collaborate with team members around the world!

The fact remains that a successful business may be successful despite not using the Internet for marketing and business process tools.

Ask yourself, though: If you own a successful business and harness the power of online marketing and tools, how much more business could you gain?

As Calgary Internet marketing consultants, we meet many small and medium-sized business owners in Calgary and Vancouver who do not understand the power of the Internet in terms of marketing and business management. On the flip side there are clients like Randy Brown, of Fahrenheit 451 Fire and Security, who fully comprehend the power of the Internet in relationship to his business. Using a custom-developed customer relationship management system to look after monthly renewals and inspection dates for life safety systems has helped F451 streamline this critical business process. A content management system (or CMS) allows F451 to easily update and manage their own website content, so it is always up to date.

Engaging an Internet consultant, as opposed to just meeting a website designer, will help you understand the full potential of the Internet. We will help you think outside the box about what web-based applications might do for your business.

eKzact Solutions Internet Consultants have a chestful of ready made solutions and products to help business owners benefit from the Internet without breaking the bank. If you have an idea and would like to run it past us, and test the value of an Internet consultant, why not call eKzact today. Initial meetings are always free.